Alteryx delivers fresh data (Why two features make updating data a snap)


I love to cook pizza. But some nights, I’m too tired, too stressed, or just don’t have the time. But the kids still want pizza. Luckily, fresh pizza delivered to our door is just a phone call away.

Data is the same way. When I get a data set, it’s fun to dig into it and look it over, analyze it, visualize it, and do everything else with it. And I used to do all that with graphs, SQL, and statistics.

The problem comes when the data is updated

Manual processes to prepare and analyze data works great the first time. But then the data invariably gets updated. Suddenly, those manual processes become a time-sucking headache. Everything has to be redone.

But updating processes is no longer a headache! Updating data for analytical processing is now a snap, thanks to two key features in Alteryx…

Feature 1. Live linked data files.

How do you update any analytics or data blending whenever new data is added to your data source? Alteryx streamlines the process by running the workflow against the data source in its current state. As long as the file is in the same place and named the same name, everything updates without any changes.

Feature 2. Wildcard characters.

What happens when you get updated data in new files? Do you have to add a new input tool for each new data file? No! The input tool lets you put “*” as a wildcard in the filename so that the tool will read all files in a directory. That means you just have to run the workflow again and all the data will be appended together, no importing data file by file into your workflow.

Both of these features turn updated data into fresh information

Now I can do all that digging into data while developing an Alteryx workflow. That way when the data is updated, all that manual processing doesn’t have to be redone. Just rerun the workflow and get the new results.

After all, there are times when I want to make pizza from scratch, but there are also those times I just want fresh pizza in front of us without the effort.


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