Three habits Snoopy taught me to create a richer life

Who wouldn’t want to win a MegaBucks Lottery with the millions of dollars in prize money? The answer is anybody who knows what happens to those winners.

Stories abound with lottery winners who lose their friends and family, who end up in a worse financial situation than before winning, and who call their winning a curse.

Too often we think of a rich life in terms of money. Luckily, Snoopy taught me at an early age what a richer life means to me, and it has nothing to do with money.

For me, a richer life means having a smile on my face

Sure, there will bad days without a smile, there will be days of sacrifices for family and friends, and there will be days of outright frustration. 

But I don’t want to be defined by my bad days. I want to be defined by the good things I do in life. I want to be remembered for the things I love and enjoy. I want to be remembered for enjoying life so much I die with a smile on my face.

Luckily, I had Snoopy to show me the way.

Snoopy taught me three habits to keep that smile on my face:

Habit 1: Have a rich imagination

Habit 2: Maintain a cool head

Habit 3: Keep pursuing your dreams

How did these habits influence me? First there was habit one, imagination. 

Habit 1: Have a big imagination

Snoopy often imagined he was a World War 1 flying ace. His mission was to battle the Red Baron, and he accomplished his mission by sitting on his doghouse, imagined to be his reliable Sopwith Camel biplane.

During these battles anything could happen. I remember when Snoopy was shot down behind enemy lines and had to escape. The experience all depended on his imagination. And through it all, he had a blast.

Snoopy’s battles with the Red Baron have inspired me to always be willing to let my imagination go. Let it lead and see where I travel to. I’ve led many lives in my imagination … detective, airplane pilot, rock musician, and on and on. Because of my imagination, I’ve always believed anything is possible.

That belief in anything has carried me through when working jobs I hated, having car trouble, or just having one of those bad days. I believe anything is possible. Just grab hold with my imagination and see where I can go. 

Imagination ties into habit two, keeping a cool head.

Habit 2: Maintain a cool head

Snoopy often lost his cool with things that didn’t work right. He’d fight a chair, a tree, or anything that crossed him. He might win or lose, but as soon as he lost his temper it was going to be bumps and bruises. 

But he was also “Joe Cool”, the aloof guy who wasn’t bothered by craziness around him. He just put on his sunglasses and he was above the fray.

I learned that fighting will result in bumps and bruises, so keep my cool. Be choosy with the things I fight about. Make sure it’s worth the bumps and bruises for all involved.

And also be cool when the world seems to be going crazy around me. Keep a calm, collected head and work to solve the problems instead of living in frustration.

So, what’s worth fighting for? One thing is pursuing your dreams, which is habit three.

Habit 3: Keep pursuing your dreams

Snoopy often sat on his doghouse with his typewriter. He dreamed of being a World Famous Author. So, he put in paper and wrote …

“It was a dark and stormy night … “

Was that a great beginning to his novel? I don’t think so. Honestly, I think Snoopy could use some good writing instruction. But he kept working and working to make his dream come true.

Snoopy’s pursuit of his writing showed me that when I have a dream, keep pursuing it. How? By persistently starting and starting until you accomplish.

Snoopy’s three habits continue to push me on in life

I work my imagination to keep a world of possibilities open to me. I relax and don’t fight for things that don’t matter, but am willing to get bumped and bruised for the things that I hold dear. I keep pursuing my dreams, starting and starting to keep myself moving ahead.

All the while I keep a smile on my face as I amass small wins.

What would put a smile on your face? 

Learn from the misfortune of others and avoid the lottery ticket. Instead, take lessons from Snoopy. Imagine, relax, and pursue those things that put a smile on your face to create richer life.

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