Why you shouldn’t limit yourself to one viz design

Design can be tricky. There are so many different directions you can take. The problem occurs when you pick one and limit your creativity instead of exploring multiple designs at the same time.

Trying two or more designs simultaneously lets you develop a richer idea set to pick and choose from for creating a stronger design.

Chip and Dan Heath, in their book Decisive, talk about another problem

You become too invested in that one choice. Out of that investment, you can become too protective of your work, you can become too unwilling to let go of things that aren’t working, and any critique can become too personal. 

To avoid the problems of the single design, it’s better to develop two or more very different designs simultaneously. You’re not overly invested in a single design, you can take elements from each that are working and combine them, and you’re more able to let go of a design that just isn’t working.

So, when developing a data viz, multitrack your designs

It will let your creativity flow for a better end product.

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